Project goals

The main objective of the Project is the design and development of a demonstrative pilot plant with a treatment capacity of 5.000 dm3 per hour which will be capable to remove from waste water between the 97% and 99% of hydrocarbons, oil and fats, satisfying the requirements established in the current European directives (91/271/EC and 200/60/EG). This pilot plant is based on a filter which will be manufactured with a specific elastomeric material, and counts on a biodegradation system which will be made of microorganism which will allow degrading or, even, removing the contaminant charge of the wastes and so it could be then reused for secondary uses or eliminate.

With the present project, it is aimed to achieve the following scientific, technological and environmental objectives:

  • Development of a pilot plant with a capacity of 5.000dm3/ hour to achieve, apart from separating those contaminants from water, their removal/ degradation through the specific microorganisms action located in the filter.
  • Demonstrate that the technology to be used is optimal for waste water of different sources and sectors.
  • Development of a filter which does not absorb water and, thus, be capable of separating the contaminants in an effective way and easy extraction of the contaminants in order to be re-used by using pressure.
  • Increase the purification of waste water in order to satisfy the defined requirements established in the European Directive 91/271/EC concerning the treatment of domestic waste water.
  • Contribute to the European Directive 2000/60/EC which established a framework for Community action in the field of water policy.
  • Avoid the incineration of those contaminants, as it is currently carried out, by carrying out their degradation using the developed filter.
  • Re-use of the purified water as high quality water in watering.